luni, 28 mai 2007


Juan Barreto/AFP/Getty

Moloch! against whom I'm nothing, body meek and soul defiant!

Moloch! who danced me in the streets, dance of trampled bodies

and screams unnumbered!


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Sabrina spunea...
sry to be posting here, but like i couldn't find anywhere else... o.O
so, i won't really blog, because i have nothing to say. trust me.
it's kinda ironic you should be suggesting it, since you are supposed to be Sabotaging the Capitalist Order, ha ha
but you made me curios as to why you think i should. so why do you think i shoul? and asap?
answer, and i'll explain what 'sinky' means, though it's really boring.

G. too, ha ha