duminică, 24 iunie 2007

Hipcrime 2

Moloch, my eternal friend!

I was naked and you clothed me. I was hungry and you gave me food. My thirst was your thirst, and you gave me water. I was lonely and you took me in your arms. You told me stories of great adventures and unrequited loves, and in your arms I cried, I laughed, I was afraid...

You said to me: Lo! the world is yours! I made thee lord and master of all that's above and beneath the earth, of all that swims and all that flies. Do as you will, my son, for the world is truly yours!

And so I did.

My desires knew no limit!

Through forest, desert, swamp or the boundless pampas, I laid down my roads of asphalt, upon which vast armies marched to victories unnumbered. I tilled the bitter dust and ploughed it and harrowed it and the fields blossomed and fed me.

Yet my hunger grew still.

I dug into earth's bowels, ripping'em apart, and the thick oil came gushing, bringing forth a never rivaled, ever rising civilisation, rising above the clouds, high in the sky, expanding, growing, engulfing everything in its electromagnetic wireless clutches, growing, growing, past the lifeless planets, past the last ray of warmth, nothing unseen, nothing unruled, the mighty promise of Moloch fulfilled: I, human, lord and master of all creation!

But lost was my soul!

Moloch, my eternal friend, barren is now my heart, for compassion shrivels under your golden kiss, Moloch, generous god, whose name is Midias, destroyer of worlds. Barren is now my heart! Feelings have not the things that you blessed me with! Love I can not buy at the stock market. Love, Moloch! Know you that word? Know what it means? I don't. My faithful servants, your golems of plastic and silicon, they have no heart, they're cold, they're dead and I'm alone, losing my humanity, one cent at a time.


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