duminică, 20 ianuarie 2008

Eminescu in english

Evenimentul zilei has jusr published an article about Mihai Eminescu, a national poet unknown outside his country.

But they mention the name of Corneliu M. Popescu, a translator of Eminescu, calling him a "genius".

And he was a genius! I was browsing to a small online collection of poems, and they're amazing. He managed to retain the originals' inherent musicality and rythm. The Gloss (Glossa) is one tour-de-force; Lucifer (Luceafărul) is another.

It's a pity Corneliu M. Popescu died in the 1977 earthquake. He was just nineteen at the time.

The collection can be found here, courtesy of some students from Şcoala nr. 10, Focşani. The romanian poems can be found here.


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