miercuri, 22 octombrie 2008


Sometimes I wish I could be smart enough to write things like these. Sadly I'm not, and so I must copy&paste what other smart people write.

  1. Most people are giving shit advice.
  2. Most people are still living in the past, looking back to past ambitions and regretting their perceived failure. These people think the answer to avoiding regret is something trite like "You only regret the things you don't do, not the thing you do do." This is not the answer. The answer is that regret itself is the problem, not failing to take some specific action. There is no specific action you can take to avoid regrets if you are the type who regrets things. The solution to regret lies in the NOW. Decide not to regret the past and move forward, whether you are 10 years old or 80 years old. Don't waste time regretting things, and instead look to the future.
  3. Don't worry about regrets.
  4. The number one thing to realize if you want to avoid a lot of hassle and wheel-spinning is that almost everyone who is a natural authority figure is wrong about the advice they tell you. They are wrong about how they live their own lives, and they are wrong about what is important.
  5. The best thing to do for yourself (and this applies to any age) is to discover what really matters to yourself from an internal perspective, NOT from external authority figures.
  6. You live in a world full of mental illness. Conservative estimates are that half of the population suffers from a specific mental illness. In truth, a solid 90%+ of the population suffers from one mental illness or another, whether it is chronic anxiety, obsessions, or something unofficial like "chronic stupidity" or "chronic conformity".
  7. Knowing that the world is teeming with fucked up people, don't take their advice. Take your own advice. This also applies to bloggers, many of whom are seriously fucked up despite being highly intelligent. Highly intelligent is not enough to be happy, and high intelligence often makes people unhappy, especially when they succumb to social pressure in deciding the course of their life.
  8. Think about what you want to do when you grow up. Imagine it in detail. Stop. Got it all imagined? Put that image in the front of your mind. OK. Now realize that the details of what you are imagining are based entirely on ego-desires, prestige, and social-conditioning, not your own personal internal desires for happiness. Find out what you want in life deep down -- what it is that you truly want that is not based on prestige, social pressure, parental pressure, desire to look "cool", etc. Find out what that is and move in its direction, and don't let anything stop you. Murder the obstacles mercilessly.
  9. Move in the direction of what you want now. Don't wait to get out of school or for graduating university of whatever. That is just a delay tactic. If you want to make games for a living, start now, and do charge for them. You are never too young to start working, if working is what you want to do. If you want to sit on your ass and play Xbox, that is fine too. Just start doing it immediately and don't wait for school to be over or whatever.
  10. Recognize that school is just a brainwashing system and a holding pen. Their purpose is to turn you into an obedient worker drone. It is literally obedience school. However, you are not a dog. Obedience is NOT good for you. Do your best to not get wrapped up in school and all their bullshit. Don't trust anyone who tells you to "focus on school" they themselves are one of the above fucked up people. Do what you want, and don't let anyone stop you. Don't let school delay you. And don't let homework get in the way - no one remembers what grades they had until high school anyway. Now is the time to fail classes and slack off in school, because your marks are totally meaningless generally speaking. Do what you actually want to do, whether it is play videogames or touch a girl's boob, or both at the same time. Make your own choice though and don't let school or parents get in the way. Run away from home if you have to - it builds character.
  11. Question all authority, and then disobey if you still disagree after questioning.
  12. Read "The Golden Compass" trilogy. Read anything. It will teach you how to disobey properly. This book is one-in-a-million in terms of teaching you how to disobey. I can't stress disobedience enough, it is crucial to your own happiness. Start early.

From here. Full credits go to forensic. Text edited by me. I'll be adding to this when and if I can.


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Neagrigore spunea...
Maria spunea...
de acord cu multe din cele pasted, dar nu garantez ca sitting on your ass playing xbox will pay the bills. si cam trebuie sa pay the bills daca vrei sa sit on your ass and play xbox for the rest of your life. curentul nu se plateste singur.

par example.

so what do you do?
Maria spunea...
and um... you really don't have to be very smart to write that stuff.
bhc spunea...
Do not question authority, eradicate it! :)))